In the global spirits competition 'ISC,' 'Yamazaki 25 Years' has won the highest award in all categories, the 'Supreme Champion Spirit,' for the first time.

At the pinnacle of approximately 2,300 entries across all categories,

'Hibiki 30 Years' also received a 'Trophy' in the Japanese Whisky category.

On September 12th (local time), Suntory's 'Yamazaki 25 Years' was awarded the 'Supreme Champion Spirit' at the 28th International Spirits Challenge 2023 (ISC) held in London, United Kingdom.

In addition to winning the top honor in the Japanese Whisky category, the 'Trophy,' 'Yamazaki 25 Years' was also honored with the 'Supreme Champion Spirit,' which is awarded to only one outstanding product among all the 'Trophy' winners across categories. This achievement places 'Yamazaki 25 Years' at the pinnacle of the approximately 2,300 entries in this competition. Both the 'Trophy' and the 'Supreme Champion Spirit' awards for 'Yamazaki 25 Years' mark a first-time accomplishment.

Regarding the reasons for the awards, the judges commented as follows:For "Yamazaki 25 Years," they stated, "Single malt whiskies tend to have a singular character due to being produced at a single distillery. However, at Yamazaki Distillery, they create various types of new make spirits and blend them, including ultra-long-aged spirits, which allows them to produce incredibly complex whiskies like 'Yamazaki 25 Years.' This whisky offers a wonderful complexity that you can savor. It's like sitting on the beach with wave after wave washing over you. Each wave is not only different but leaves a memorable flavor, making it an outstanding piece that leaves you wishing for the next wave."

At the same time, "Hibiki 30 Years" also received the top honor, the "Trophy," in the Japanese Whisky category. This marks the fifth time that "Hibiki 30 Years" has received the "Trophy."

The judges provided the following comments on the reasons for awarding "Hibiki 30 Years": "Hibiki 30 Years is a whisky of high rarity and combines skill and elegance. Tasting Hibiki 30 Years, you can feel harmony like silk, sweetness, and smoothness.

Furthermore, Suntory Co., Ltd. has received the "Producer of the Year" award in the Japanese Whisky category for the fourth consecutive year. This prestigious award is presented to one manufacturer among those who have produced high-quality and diverse products in various categories.

This recognition reflects the continuous efforts made by our company to enhance the quality of whisky production and blending techniques, ultimately solidifying our position as a leading force in the world of Japanese whisky.

About the International Spirits Challenge:

The International Spirits Challenge (ISC) is an annual alcohol competition held in the United Kingdom. This year, it featured approximately 2,300 entries across all categories. In the whisky category, around 10 professionals in the field, including blenders and distillery managers from whisky distilleries worldwide, conducted blind tastings of over 900 entries to determine the award winners. This rigorous evaluation by whisky industry experts with exceptional sensory skills adds significant prestige to the competition.

Highlights of Suntory Single Malt Whisky "Yamazaki 25 Years":

This exceptional whisky is meticulously crafted by selecting rare malt spirits aged for 25 years or more in Mizunara oak casks, Spanish oak casks, American oak casks, and other high-quality barrels. It is characterized by woody accents, the aroma of ripe fruits, a graceful sweetness with depth, and a pleasant lingering finish.

Highlights of Suntory Whisky "Hibiki 30 Years":

The whisky is carefully blended by selecting malt and grain spirits aged for over 30 years. It boasts a sweet aroma derived from ultra-long aging of malt spirits, a vibrant floral scent, rich complexity, robust woody notes, and a lush, enduring aftertaste reminiscent of flowers in full bloom.

Title -
"28th International Spirits Challenge 2023"
Award Name and Recipients - "Supreme Champion Spirit" Recipient: Suntory Single Malt Whisky "Yamazaki 25 Years" Category: Japanese Whisky Division "Trophy"

Suntory Single Malt Whisky "Yamazaki 25 Years"

Suntory Whisky "Hibiki 30 Years"

Japanese Whisky Division "Producer of the Year" Recipient: Suntory Co., Ltd.

Award Ceremony Overview - Date: September 12, 2023 (Tuesday) *Local Time in London Location: London, United Kingdom
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