Scotland’s national event “Burns Night” is held, celebrating the birthday of a great man with “Talisker” and “Haggis”

A special night to celebrate the birth of poet Robert Burns, known for ``The Light of Fireflies.''

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MHD Moët Hennessy Diageo Co., Ltd. (MHD, Headquarters: 13th floor, Jimbocho Mitsui Building, 1-105 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Bruno Yvon) handles the world's No. 1* smoky single malt "Talisker". Burn's Night, a traditional event celebrating the birth of Scotland's national poet Robert Burns, will be held on January 25, 2024 at Helmsdale at TWELVE ON THE PARK, a Scottish pub in Shibuya, Tokyo. It was held on Thursday).

Burns Night celebrates the birth of Scotland's national poet

Robert Burns (1759-1796), Scotland's national poet. He is also known for writing the lyrics for the Scottish folk song ``Auld Lang Syne'', which is the original song for ``Fireflies'', which is familiar in Japan as a song for graduation and departure, and is considered by many as a great poet in Scotland. It is popular among people. Particularly on days around January 25th, Burns' birthday, parties are held in various places to celebrate his birthday, called ``Burns Night,'' while drinking Scotch whiskey in one hand and eating the traditional dish ``haggis.'' It will be done.

Talisker, a single malt grown on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, held a Burns Night as a special night to show respect for the great poet of their hometown and enjoy Talisker the Scottish way.

The festival opens with “Poetry for Haggis”

The Burns Night dinner is called the Burns Supper, and features the traditional Scottish dish haggis. Haggis is a dish made by grinding boiled sheep innards, stuffing them with barley, onions, spices, etc. into the sheep's stomach and boiling them. Since Haggis was praised in 1995, it was served as the main dish for a special night after reciting this poem.

<Poetry dedicated to haggis (from the translation of the material)>

``Haggis, the great king of the intestine clan, you are truly a magnificent food worthy of pre-meal prayers.'' ``What a divine sight to see you being chopped with a knife.'' ``The steam that rises is so luxurious.''

This is a series of eight poems that praise haggis with the highest level of praise, as if speaking to haggis.

At this event, MHD Single Malt Ambassador Robert (Bob) Stockwell performed a recitation of ``Poetry for Haggis'' in front of Haggis, which appeared with background music of Scotland's representative folk instrument, the backpipe. The venue erupted into thunderous applause as participants toasted ``Slange Bar!'' (Gaelic for ``Congratulations on your health!'') with Talisker in hand.

A special night to enjoy traditional culture and Talisker

In Japan, haggis is often sprinkled with whiskey, and at this event, haggis sprinkled with Talisker was served. The deep, umami meat taste of haggis, which is rare in Japan, goes perfectly with Talisker, which has a sea breeze, black pepper flavor, and smoky taste. In addition to special menus using haggis such as "Haggis Spaghetti", please enjoy Helmsdale's specialty, Talisker's Spicy Highball, which owner Masaki Murasawa named "TSP (Talisker Soda Pint)". I did.

The world's No. 1 *smoky single malt that captivates whiskey fans

A single malt grown by the sea that embodies the harsh yet beautiful nature of the Isle of Skye in Scotland. With its characteristic flavor of sea breeze and black pepper, it has captivated many people as the world's No. 1* smoky single malt.

【Product Summary】
Product name: Talisker 10 years
Capacity: 700ml
Price: 7,095 yen (tax included)
Alcohol content: 45.8 degrees

About Talisker
A single malt grown by the sea, produced by Scotland's oldest distillery on the Isle of Skye. The Isle of Skye is known as the ``Mist Island'' and Talisker Distillery is located on the Harport Cove of Loch. Its characteristics are a flavor that makes you feel like you are tasting the sea breeze and a strong black pepper flavor. ``MADE BY THE SEA'' written on every label of Talisker indicates that this is a single malt that truly embodies the nature of Skye, along with a deep appreciation for the harsh yet beautiful nature of the Isle of Skye and the sea. is.

It was loved by Robert Louis Stephenson, the author of "Treasure Island," as the "King of Drinks," and has continued to be loved by passionate fans around the world for a long time, and is now the world's No. 1* smoky single malt. It is a single malt.

*Based on annual sales volume in 2022 (according to IWSR research)
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