The Tokyo Station Hotel presents a sweet and vibrant winter cocktail, enveloped in layers of fragrance from kumquats and iyokan oranges, emanating a delightful vitamin-rich hue.

Escape the passage of time and recharge your soul with an elegant moment.

Located within the iconic Tokyo Station Marunouchi building, The Tokyo Station Hotel (Address: 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) is offering two luxurious fruit cocktails infused with the fragrances of kumquats and iyokan oranges at Bar & Cafe Camellia from January 1st (Monday) to February 29th (Thursday). These cocktails, perfect for the chilly season, showcase the rich aromas of the two fruits.

Featuring a vibrant vitamin-rich color palette, these low-alcohol cocktails are also available in mocktail (non-alcoholic) versions, preserving their visually striking appeal.

Try the Kumquat Herbal Smash and indulge in a sensory experience that captures the essence of winter.

Kumquat Herbal Smash

A twist to rediscover the deliciousness of the classic cocktail, the Smash. Layers of fresh kumquat and citrusy aroma from orange mint bring depth to the flavor profile. It is crafted with a crisp and well-balanced taste.

Ingredients:Fresh kumquat,Rum,Japanese citrus vinegar,Homemade thyme syrup,Orange mint

Iyokan Spritzer

An invigorating adaptation of the Spritzer, a white wine-based cocktail that the late Diana, Princess of Wales, enjoyed during her lifetime, infused with the refreshing essence of iyokan oranges. The sweet and tangy iyokan blends harmoniously with the subtle aftertaste of white wine.

Ingredients:Fresh iyokan oranges,White wine,Aperol,Japanese citrus vinegar,Sparkling water

Camellia offers a refined bar ambiance, perfect for indulging in cocktails and spirits, coupled with the casual charm of a cafe where you can stylishly enjoy substantial lunches and afternoon tea. We also provide dinner courses that pair well with drinks. Whether you visit for lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner, Camellia ensures an elegant and leisurely experience where you can forget the passage of time and recharge your soul.

Winter Cocktails with Sweet Vitamin Colors

Duration: January 1, 2024 (Monday) - February 29, 2024 (Thursday)
Hours: Lunch 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM (Weekdays) | 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM (Sat, Sun, Holidays) Dinner 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM (Last order at 9:30 PM)
Location: Bar & Cafe Camellia
Price: Each 2,150 yen
Cocktail Names: Kumquat Herbal Smash | Iyokan Spritzer
*Both are also available as Mocktails (Non-alcoholic).

*Inquiries: Official Website ( | 03-5220-1951 (Camellia Direct)
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*Displayed prices include consumption tax and service charges.
*Menu items and availability may be subject to change based on ingredient sourcing. Please understand in advance.

The Tokyo Station Hotel

The Tokyo Station Hotel opened its doors within the Tokyo Station Marunouchi building in 1915, welcoming numerous domestic and international guests with its magnificent architecture and state-of-the-art facilities of that era. In 2003, the station building became a designated Important Cultural Property, leading to a temporary closure in 2006 for preservation and restoration efforts. During this time, the entire facility underwent renovations, and in 2012, The Tokyo Station Hotel was reborn as a practical urban hotel featuring 150 rooms with a European classical theme, 10 restaurants and bars, fitness and spa facilities, banquet halls, and more.

Carrying forward a history of over a century, The Tokyo Station Hotel embraces the concept of 'Classic Luxury: Timelessly cherished, a moment of exquisite indulgence.' With a commitment to 'empathetic hospitality' that resonates with guests, the hotel offers a unique and unparalleled way of experiencing hospitality. As the 'Hotel where you can stay in an Important Cultural Property,' it is the second-oldest existing hotel in Tokyo, conveniently located adjacent to Tokyo Station. Proudly boasting an unmatched and ideal location, it provides convenience for travel not only within the Greater Tokyo Area but also throughout the country.

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