【Tokyo Station Hotel】 Award-Winning Cocktail: "Konoka"

Based on plum wine, this delightful concoction features the enchanting aromas of cherry blossoms, white peach, and Japanese plum, creating a pleasant and fragrant drink.

Bartender Rei Yokoyama's award-winning cocktail at the Suntory The Cocktail Awards, named 'Konoka.'

The 29th edition of the prestigious 'Suntory The Cocktail Awards 2023' marked a historic event. The theme for this edition, driven by the organizers' desire to pass on bar culture and cocktail culture to the next generation, was 'Cocktails to Deliver to the Drinkers of the Next Generation.' With a total of 400 entries, only 12 cocktails made it to the finals after two rounds of judging, and bartender Rei Yokoyama successfully secured a spot in this prestigious competition.

Konoka - ¥2,100

▶ Origin and Story of the Creation

Conscious of originality and creativity, the desire was to bring forth words and concepts that had not existed before. In this spirit, the whimsically resonant 'Konoka' came to mind. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese philosophy of embracing one's own uniqueness without comparison, represented by the saying 'Sakura, Ume, Momo, Ri' (Cherry Blossom, Plum, Peach, Japanese Plum), each blooming flower in every season holds its unparalleled beauty. By walking one's own path, these flowers blossom, emitting their distinctive charm. Weaved from the materials that paint the seasons and crafted with a wish for graceful flowers to bloom in the midst of the dazzling changes of our times, 'Konoka' is created with a spirit rooted in the heart.

▶ Tasting Notes

Following the refreshing essence of plum, the flavors of cherry blossoms, peach, and Japanese plum seamlessly blend, creating an exquisitely vibrant taste. The acidity of the Japanese plum contributes to a sharp and refreshing finish. Through the story crafted for this cocktail, we hope you feel something uplifting and positive.

▶ Recipe

・Suntory Umeshu (Yamazaki Distillery Aged Umeshu) Rich Amber 20ml
・Japanese Craft Liqueur 'Kanade' (Cherry Blossom) 10ml
・Japanese Craft Liqueur 'Kanade' (White Peach) 10ml
・Plum Liqueur de France 'Purcia' 10ml
・Fresh Lemon Juice 10ml

Rei Yokoyama Profile

Joined The Tokyo Station Hotel in June 2015, initially assigned to Bar & Cafe Camellia. Inspired by a superior bartender, Yokoyama aspired to become a bartender himself. In 2019, he made his debut in the Suntory The Cocktail Awards and received an Excellence Award. Since then, he has been challenging himself alongside colleagues every day, aiming for greater heights.

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Bar & Cafe Camellia

Established as a bar during the hotel's reopening in 1951, it has been fondly known as Bar "Camellia." With the hotel's renewal in 2012, including a new concept, location, and interior, Bar & Cafe Camellia has evolved into a space where patrons can enjoy voluminous dishes and a variety of cocktails crafted by skilled bartenders. The interior features table seating with accents of dark pink and a counter where patrons can witness bartenders creating cocktails, creating a sophisticated atmosphere. There is also a passage area with views of the outside scenery. The menu includes a choice of main dishes in the 5-course dinner, à la carte options, a savory-centric afternoon tea, traditional beef stew, and signature cocktails such as "Tokyo Station" and "1915," along with a variety of original mocktails. Whether for hotel guests or those looking for a delightful outing with friends or groups, Bar & Cafe Camellia is a recommended destination.

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While inheriting a history of over a century, The Tokyo Station Hotel embraces the concept of "Classic Luxury: A timeless, cherished moment beyond eras." With a commitment to providing hospitality that resonates and empathizes with guests, the hotel offers a unique way of experiencing hospitality that is exclusive to this establishment. Being a "Hotel where you can stay in an Important Cultural Property," it is the second-oldest existing hotel in Tokyo, conveniently located adjacent to Tokyo Station. Proudly boasting an unparalleled and ideal location, it provides convenience for travel not only within the Greater Tokyo Area but also throughout the country.

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