"Campari Casktail Trio" Limited Worldwide Release! Premium Campari Finished in Bourbon, Rum, and Tequila Barrels.

A distinctive and complex flavor collection that takes you on a journey around the world, enhancing Campari's unique taste profile.

CT Spirits Japan (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tetsu Abe) is pleased to announce the limited release of "Campari Casktail Trio," a premium Campari finished in carefully selected American bourbon barrels, Jamaican rum barrels, and Mexican tequila barrels. This exclusive collection, packaged in a dedicated case, will be available from November 21, 2023, with a limited production of only 2,500 sets worldwide.

The story of Campari, born in Italy in 1860, is colored by the history, passion, and creativity of its founder, Gaspare Campari. In homage to Gaspare Campari's vision and after years of experimentation, Campari Casktail was born.

In this new collection, Campari is aged for approximately 6 months in carefully selected American bourbon (Wild Turkey) barrels, Jamaican rum (Appleton Estate) barrels, and Mexican tequila (Espolon) barrels.

While enhancing Campari's distinctive flavor profile, each barrel finish allows you to enjoy a unique and complex taste that takes you on a journey around the world. The top notes of Campari become even more delicate, introducing new notes with a unique twist.

To fully savor the unique and harmonious flavors, we recommend enjoying it straight, on the rocks, or shaken in cocktails.

Furthermore, in line with the spirit of Gaspare Campari, who valued creativity, this bottle is designed to be versatile for use in cocktails.

What is Campari Casktail Trio?

Campari Casktail Trio is a special collection consisting of three premium Campari bottles, each finished in carefully selected American bourbon (Wild Turkey) barrels, Jamaican rum (Appleton Estate) barrels, and Mexican tequila (Espolon) barrels. The set is beautifully presented in a luxurious package, featuring a PU leather surface on the exclusive box and a base crafted from alder wood (a hardwood species found mainly in North America and Europe) to hold the bottles. Additionally, the base is adorned with "CAMPARI" in gold foil, and each bottle bears its own unique serial number.

BOURBON FINISH - Premium Campari Finished in Wild Turkey Barrels

Wild Turkey encapsulates the proud tradition of bold and flavorful bourbon synonymous with its Kentucky homeland. Distilled and aged using a method that leaves a robust flavor, it is characterized by depth and richness. The lingering notes within the Wild Turkey barrels bring a creamy caramel aroma to Campari Casktail Bourbon Finish. Finished in No.4 Alligator Char American White Oak aging barrels, it imparts flavors of vanilla and smoky char, providing a unique contrast to the taste of Campari.

Tasting Notes:

  • Nose: Notes of caramel and vanilla, accompanied by the sweetness of baked fruits and the herbal aroma that symbolizes Campari.
  • Palate: A velvety, creamy body with the smooth scent of bourbon vanilla. Campari's herbal notes combine with woody and dried fruit accents. A subtle smokiness from the barrel.
  • Finish: A gentle bitterness lingers, accompanied by herbal and woody aromas.

RUM FINISH - Premium Campari Finished in Appleton Estate Barrels

Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum is born from one of the world's oldest distilleries, situated in the heart of the Nassau Valley in Jamaica. The hot climate of Jamaica allows for tropical aging, and the matured Jamaican rum flavors that linger within the barrels bring forth a unique tropical aroma, balancing Campari's bittersweet taste. The No.1 American Oak Bourbon barrels chosen for Appleton Estate's aging impart a touch of vanilla to the rum, and in the aroma of Campari Casktail Rum Finish, you can sense a gentle hint of vanilla.

Tasting Notes:

  • Nose: Campari's characteristic herbal aroma intertwined with gentle vanilla. A harmonious scent of sweet wood.
  • Palate: Pleasant notes of herbal and slightly bitter roots. A balanced, gentle bitterness.
  • Finish: A subtly bitter finish reminiscent of delicate herbs.

TEQUILA FINISH - Premium Campari Finished in Espolon Tequila Barrels

Espolon Tequila is crafted in the Los Altos de Jalisco region of Jalisco, Mexico, using a method that combines innovative spirits with the traditions of this region. The pure Blue Weber Agave, harvested at its peak of maturity, naturally generates sugars during the production process. All Espolon Tequila is initially aged in No.2 char American Oak barrels to maintain the purity of agave flavors. Aging Campari in these barrels imparts a completely new flavor profile, adding hints of pepper and citrus aromas, along with subtle acidity and herbal notes.

Tasting Notes:

  • Nose: Robust and pleasant herbal aromas with a strong presence.
  • Palate: Hints of pepper and herbs with citrus nuances. Campari's distinctive, refined bittersweet tail.
  • Finish: A dry and elegant bitter herbal finish.
How to Enjoy "Campari Casktail Trio"


To truly savor the Campari Casktail Trio in its purest form, simply add ice and enjoy the harmony of each casktail.

You can appreciate the dryness of the tequila's finish to experience the flavors of Mexico, enjoy the creamy body and hints of the Kentucky bourbon's finish, or savor the subtle sweetness of the rounded Jamaican rum's finish. Each sip allows you to explore the unique character of these cask-finished Campari variants.

[Glass] Choose a highball or tumbler glass with a longer neck to complement Campari's iconic red color and savor the different aromas brought by the barrel finishes.

[Ice] Use hand-cut, irregularly shaped, large, clear ice resembling diamonds to minimize dilution and bring the liquid to the perfect drinking temperature while maximizing flavor and integrity.

[Garnish] To fully appreciate the flavors brought by each barrel finish, enjoy the casktails without any garnish.


Shake your preferred casktail, 60ml, with cubed ice, then strain.

[Glass] Please choose a classic, long-stemmed glass.

[Garnish] Please add a citrus peel of your choice selected to complement each expression.


The Negroni, created by Count Camillo Negroni in 1919, and currently ranked as the number one "World's Best-Selling Classic Cocktail" by Drinks International, is an iconic drink. Made by mixing equal parts Campari, gin, and sweet vermouth (1:1:1), this classic cocktail has seen thousands of variations since its inception, but Campari has always remained the red heart of the Negroni.

■ Product Overview Product Name: Campari Casked Cocktail Trio 1000ml×3 (with a dedicated case) Volume: 3000ml Alcohol Content: 25% Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (excluding tax): 120,000 yen Country of Origin: Italy

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