Craving a Refreshing Drink on a Humid Summer Night! The New Staple for Summer '#AtHomeDrinking': Coffee Cocktails. The expression changes with the combination of coffee origin and type of liqueur, offering endless variations. Recommended for summer, these

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An adult way to expand the world of coffee is through 'Coffee Cocktails.' In recent years, their popularity has been on the rise, leading to an increase in bars and cafes offering coffee cocktails. These cocktails, with their refreshing coffee flavors, are perfect even for hot and humid summer nights. This time, we will introduce recipes and variations for 'Coffee Cocktails' that are perfect for enjoying at home. They are easy to make and suitable for at-home drinking.

The Allure of Beloved 'Coffee Cocktails' Enjoyed Around the World

⚫︎There are over 100 types of Coffee Cocktails! Abundant choices of compatible spirits bring endless enjoyment.

When we think of cocktails, do we typically imagine mixing with juice? Not anymore. Recently, the trend has been combining the flavors of 'coffee' with various liqueurs, creating sophisticated cocktails that bring out the distinct characteristics of each flavor through a harmonious 'marriage.' The lines between coffee 'baristas' and bar 'bartenders' have blurred, and with the rise of coffee varieties like specialty coffee with pronounced flavor profiles, the possibilities of coffee-liqueur combinations have expanded greatly. With a variety of liqueurs to choose from, coupled with factors such as the origin, flavor, and roast depth of the coffee, the potential for variations is limitless.

Enjoyable in Both Iced and Hot Variations According to Mood

When it's hot and you're in the mood for something refreshing, you can enjoy it iced. When you feel a chill or want to relax, you can have it hot. The ability to customize according to your mood is also a charm. (When served hot, the famous 'Irish Coffee' is made by mixing with Irish whiskey and topped with whipped cream.)

Two Important Points for Coffee Used in Cocktails:

  • If aiming for a coffee-like flavor... Opt for dark roast with bitterness and richness.
  • If seeking flavor accents... Choose light roast with prominent fruity notes.

When aiming for the desired flavor, considering the differences in flavor due to the roast level and origin of the coffee can greatly expand the range of taste. The 'intensity' when tasted is crucial. For cocktails with higher alcohol content, opt for dark roasted beans from Central and South America. If you want to use coffee as an accent for flavor elements, specialty light roasted coffees are recommended.

Expertly Curated by Coffee Professionals: Recommended 'Coffee Cocktail' Recipes for Summer

"Summer Gaelic Ole"
A coffee cocktail enjoyed hot, made with warmed whiskey and milk.
  • Rich, honey-like and vibrant sweetness from the depth of the whiskey, along with the coffee's caramel-like aroma.
  • Combined with the richness of milk, creating a flavor reminiscent of apple cinnamon.
"Coffee Martini"
Cocktail harmonizing the robust alcohol of vodka with the rich, aromatic flavor of coffee.
  • A mellow coffee that harmonizes with vodka, a drink you'd want to have when you're looking for a refreshing option after dinner.
  • The nutty, almond-like aroma of decaffeinated coffee spreads in your mouth, allowing you to savor a rich aftertaste. 
"Sunset Breeze (Coffee Fizz)"
Fizz" is a cocktail category that uses carbonated water. Cocktails that highlight the refreshing quality of carbonation.
  • A cocktail that combines peach liqueur with specialty coffee known for its vibrant and fruity flavor profile.
  • A perfect summer drink that offers a juicy sweetness while maintaining a refreshing quality.
"Café Bloom (Coffee Gin and Tonic)"
Crafted a gin and tonic that highlights the vibrant and fruity characteristics of coffee.
  • The sweet and refreshing citrus aroma of African coffee, combined with the richness of coffee, adds depth to the overall flavor.
  • The complexity of flavors leads to a drink with a long-lasting sweet and vibrant aftertaste.
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