Starting from January 9, 2024, we will be offering the award-winning cocktail "Wonder 'N," recognized as the best in Japan.

The cocktail "Wonder 'N," crafted by bartender Tsukasa Taguchi from Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel, won the Grand Prize at the Marriott Japan Cocktail Competition 2023.

Champion Cocktail "Wonder 'N'"

Starting from January 9, 2024, Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel (General Manager: Shigeru Omoto) will be serving the cocktail that clinched the title of the best in Japan.

Bartender Tsukasa Taguchi from the Sky Lounge "Genius" won the Grand Prize at the "Marriott Japan Cocktail Competition 2023," a cocktail competition where bartenders from Marriott Group hotels nationwide competed, held at JW Marriott Hotel Nara on November 29, 2023.

「Marriott Japan Cocktail Competition 2023」

Marriott International hosted its second cocktail competition in 2023, aiming to make "a fantastic cocktail experience in hotels" a more accessible and enjoyable aspect of the new travel purpose, considering the revitalization of domestic travel and the resurgence of inbound tourism in Japan. The initiative began in 2022.

Around 100 bartenders from Marriott-brand facilities across Japan entered the competition. Ten finalists were selected for the final judging, and the championship took place.

The theme for the judging was "GLOBAL CONNECTORS," and the criteria included storytelling, presentation, taste, and theme.

The winning creation, named the "Champion Cocktail," will be available for sale at bars in Marriott International-affiliated hotels across Japan from January 2024 to December 2024.

Marriott Japan Cocktail Competition 2023

Marriott Japan Cocktail Competition 2023

Wonder: Surprise and Unexpectedness

N: Newness, Nagoya, Nobunaga

A Japanese dessert cocktail themed around "Oda Nobunaga," named Wonder 'N'.

Inspired by Oda Nobunaga, who, despite his fierce personality, was said to be a sweet tooth and exceptionally skilled in hospitality, this original cocktail is devised as if Nobunaga were entertaining guests at a bar.

・Featuring unusual ingredients in cocktails and desserts, the cocktail incorporates the unique flavors of "miso" (fermented soybean paste) and "mirin" (sweet rice wine) to provide a new sense of surprise.
・Shake together sweet potato shochu-based gin (AKAYANE CRAFT GIN), purple sweet potato syrup, fresh cream, and Mikawa hon-mirin from Mikawa to add richness.
・The rim of the glass is subtly seasoned with miso powder, offering a delicate touch of saltiness to complement the sweetness of sweet potatoes.
・The finishing touch includes a garnish of gold leaf, adding a distinctive Nagoya touch to the cocktail.

Champion Cocktail "Wonder 'N'".

Tsukasa Taguchi

Born in 1983 Hometown: Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture Currently employed at Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel, Sky Lounge "Genius" June 2015: Won the first National Sake Cocktail Competition August 2016: Won the 15th Tokai Cup Cocktail Competition October 2018: KWV Award at the 6th HBA/KOKUBU Co-sponsored Cocktail Competition, commemorating the 100th anniversary of KWV November 2023: Grand Prize at the Marriott Japan Cocktail Competition 2023

Tsukasa Taguchi, Bartender at Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel

Sky Lounge "Genius" and Main Bar "Estmare"

The cocktail "Wonder 'N'" will be available not only at the 52nd-floor Sky Lounge "Genius," where Tsukasa Taguchi works, but also at the 15th-floor Main Bar "Estmare."

Price: ¥2,400 <Available Locations and Hours>

Sky Lounge "Genius" 17:00 to 23:00 (Last Order: 22:30)

An additional specified cover charge will be applied.
Link to Sky Lounge "Genius"

Main Bar "Estmare" 17:00 to 24:00 (Last Order: 23:30)

Estmare is a smoking-permitted venue.
Link to Main Bar "Estmare"

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