The craft gin 'Kaori no Shizuku,' produced by Yomeishu, has been crowned the best in Japan!

At the international gin evaluation competition, World Gin Awards 2024, the craft gin 'Kaori no Shizuku' by Yomeishu Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Taro Shiozawa) achieved the country's highest honor! The gin secured a gold award in the 'Contemporary Style Gin' category at the world's largest gin evaluation event held in the home of gin, the United Kingdom. This outstanding achievement resulted in being awarded the 'Country Winner' among the entered Japanese gins, earning the prestigious title of Japan's best.

Craft gin "Kaori no Shizuku" Brand Site:

The "World Gin Awards" is the gin category of the annually held "The World Drinks Awards," one of the world's largest alcoholic beverage competitions, which takes place in London, United Kingdom. The gin category sees fierce competition each year, with over 900 entries from 47 countries worldwide. Our craft gin "Kaori no Shizuku" underwent evaluation by numerous prominent figures in the alcohol industry, including bartenders, buyers, and critics.

Our craft gin, "Kaori no Shizuku," achieved the country's highest honor in the "Contemporary Style Gin" category. This category focuses on gins that exhibit a strong juniper berry flavor while showcasing distinctive personalities in terms of other flavors, making them stand out.

Product Overview:

Craft Gin "Kaori no Shizuku" 300ml, Alcohol content: 40%
  • Blended with 11 botanicals, with the main focus on the slender branches of fragrant Cromoji, known for its refreshing flavor.
  • The gin features citrus notes and layered spices that enhance the fragrance of Cromoji, offering a dry and delicate taste reminiscent of a forest in early spring.
  • Crafted with water sourced from 150 meters underground in the Komagane Highlands, a natural spring with a hardness of approximately 18 mg/L, polished by the granite of the Central Alps. This extremely soft water brings out the deliciousness of the botanicals.
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