Yukiwa Baron Shaker Blast

The Baron Shaker by Yukiwa, the most popular bar tool brand in Japan, is beloved by many bartenders for its high quality. Its linear form creates a unique ice trajectory, and the sound of the ice colliding with the shaker during shaking is higher pitched compared to ordinary shakers, resulting in a clean sound.

It is a high-quality shaker that can be used reliably over a long period of time with minimal errors, such as a tight-fitting top and strainer.

The surface of the Baron Shaker Blast is sandblasted to achieve a matte finish. Unlike ordinary shiny stainless steel products, the matte finish gives the shaker a distinct and stylish appearance.

The body and a portion of the top remain unblasted, resulting in a mirrored surface. The gold ring is gold-plated on the mirror surface, further accentuating its presence.