【SAKI GLASS】SAKI Tumbler [440ml]

【SAKI GLASS】SAKI Tumbler [440ml]

【SAKI GLASS】SAKI Tumbler [440ml]

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Soda glass (soda lime glass)
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Kazunori Shizuya owner and bartender of the bars ``Shinjuku Whiskey Salon'' and ``Bar Rivet'' in Shinjuku, Tokyo, has earned the ``Master of Whiskey'' certification, the most difficult qualification recognized by the Whiskey Culture Research Institute, for 100 years. Returning to the roots of Japanese whiskey, which has a history of "The best tumbler" developed with great care.

*Since it is handmade, there are individual differences in capacity, size, and weight. Please note.


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A desire to further develop whiskey culture on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Japanese whiskey

With the dream of returning to the origins of Japanese whisky, which has a 100-year history, and contributing to its further development, we would like to develop a glass that is suitable for the ``mizuwari'' and ``highball'' whiskeys that have developed uniquely in Japan. . Kazunori Shizuya, a popular bartender who has earned the "Master of Whiskey" qualification and also the owner of "Shinjuku Whiskey Salon" and "Bar Kano no Rivet," developed the "best tumbler." I tried.

[Characteristics of glass]

⚫︎Enjoy the look

The shape of the glass gradually widens with an elegant curve towards the drinking spout. Its shape, with a high center of gravity and a sense of floating, resembles a silhouette of a noble lily, reminiscent of a woman wearing an elegant party dress. In addition, the supple curves of the product evoke the image of a fragrance in full bloom.

⚫︎Let the flavors bloom and enjoy them to the fullest

The wide caliber of the glass makes it easier to catch potential scents. Therefore, it can be said to be a rare tumbler that allows you to enjoy the taste while nosing. The spout is curved to fit naturally around your lips, allowing the liquid to spread around your tongue in a veil that allows you to feel the flavor with every inch of your tongue. By using it in highballs or with water, it becomes easier to perceive the sweetness unique to malt, and brings out the flavor derived from the raw materials.

⚫︎Easy to fit in your hands and enjoy a pleasant texture

It is handmade and has a soft and supple texture that feels good in your hand, and the handle is naturally easy to place near the bottom of the glass, giving it an elegant demeanor. The thinness of the glass gives it a pleasant taste. When I tried the highball, I found that it had a fine, dense foam similar to champagne, and the texture was gentle on the tongue, giving it an elegant feel.

⚫︎Easy to make and care for

The shape makes it easy to pour liquids and hold ice well, making it easy to stir with a bar spoon or stirrer. In addition, the curved lines of the glass reflect light from multiple angles, making the ice beautifully reflected. The opening is wide enough for even an adult's fingers to fit inside, allowing for deep cleaning with a dish sponge, making it easy to wash and rinse, and the shape makes it easy to wipe.


This tumbler is designed to be thin in order to provide a good drinking experience, so please be careful not to hit the glasses against each other when toasting. In addition, this tumbler is a handmade glass made in Japan by a skilled glass craftsman using the traditional method of glass blowing. Please note that unlike mechanically mass-produced items, each piece has a slightly different shape, creating a unique personality. Also, due to the blown glass manufacturing process, air bubbles may often enter the glass. We hope that you will consider this to be a unique characteristic of a "one-of-a-kind item." We believe that if we were to compare ourselves to humans, we would be like a mole, and that we would like people to feel attached to us as part of their individuality. Please understand the above before purchasing.
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