【SAKI GLASS】SAKI tasting glass [164ml]

【SAKI GLASS】SAKI tasting glass [164ml]

【SAKI GLASS】SAKI tasting glass [164ml]

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Soda glass (soda lime glass)
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Kazuhiro Shizuya the owner-bartender of "Shinjuku Whisky Salon" and "Bar Rivet" in Tokyo's Shinjuku district, has earned the "Master of Whisky" certification, the most challenging qualification recognized by the Whisky Culture Research Institute. With the hope that people will enjoy whisky straight, he developed the Saki Glass.

*Since it is handmade, there are individual differences in capacity, size, and weight. Please note.


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Challenge in Developing the "Ultimate Tasting Glass"

After highballs, I want people to enjoy whiskey straight. To achieve this, I aim to create the perfect glass. Kazunori Shizuya, a popular bartender who obtained the "Master of Whisky" certification at the youngest age, and also the owner of "Shinjuku Whisky Salon" and "Bar Rivet," has taken on the challenge of developing the "ultimate tasting glass." "Now that enjoying whiskey with highballs has become a habit, can we move to the next step and get people to enjoy it straight? And can we create a glass that is even more suitable than the ones we currently have for enjoying whiskey straight?"

[Characteristics of glass]

⚫︎Releases the Aroma in Full Bloom

The bowl of the glass features a shape with a narrow neck that traps and holds aromatic compounds. As the whiskey awakens from its long slumber, it releases its rich aroma in full bloom. The shape of the glass makes it difficult for the liquid level to reach above the neck (the narrow part of the glass) when swirling. This allows you to enjoy and control the changes in aroma gradually according to your preference.

⚫︎Maximizes the Flavor

The wide mouth of the glass is designed to allow your nose to reach deep inside, capturing even the most delicate aromas. The rim curves naturally to fit your lips, and the thinness of the glass provides a pleasant mouthfeel.

⚫︎Allows Prolonged Enjoyment of Whiskey

Weighing just over 80 grams, the glass feels light and extraordinary. It is easy to hold for long periods without tiring your hand, allowing you to savor the whiskey leisurely. The gentle movement of the liquid when swirling adds an element of elegance. The stem is slender enough to give a floating sensation to the liquid. When holding the stem, your hand does not touch the bowl directly, preventing rapid temperature changes in the whiskey.

⚫︎Easy to Maintain (Easy to Wash, Rinse, and Wipe)

The wide mouth allows even adult fingers to reach inside, making it easy to clean with a dish sponge. The shape of the glass fits the curves of your fingers, making it easy to wash and wipe dry. Additionally, during rinsing, water circulates smoothly inside the glass, allowing dish soap to be easily washed away.


This tasting glass is handmade by skilled glass artisans in Japan using the traditional method of blown glass. Unlike mass-produced machine-made products, each piece is slightly different in shape, creating a unique individuality for every glass. Please understand that this uniqueness is a characteristic of handcrafted items. Additionally, due to the nature of the blown glass technique, it is common for bubbles to form within the glass. We hope you can appreciate these bubbles as part of the glass’s unique character. Think of them as akin to moles on a person, adding to its individuality. We hope you will come to cherish this aspect. Thank you for your understanding and consideration when purchasing.
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